Women's Custom Suits

Private Suiting for Women in Toronto - Having trouble finding the right tailor for your custom suit? It’s very rare and difficult to find a custom suit tailor who knows women and can get the measurements right for a custom suit. Every women deserves to have a well fitted, custom power suit. Offering complimentary customizations on womens suits as well as off-the-rack options as well. Our experienced stylists will provide complimentary fine tailoring to accommodate your specific body, ensuring complete closet envy from #bosslady peers.

Whether it’s a personally-fitted blazer or a fully customized suit, you’ll walk out of here feeling confident in how you put a look together for any kind of event!

Female Custom Suit Specialist

Feel comfortable knowing you will be measured and fitted by a master tailor who is also a female. She works closely with you and understands the intricacies of getting the measurements right the first time and making sure you feel comfortable in your new custom suit.

Guaranteed to give you the best fit, stylish options so you stand out and the most comfortable and unique experience in our spacious boutique store!

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